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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs

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For over 30 years, Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services has built a reputation of being a premier residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor in the area, providing high quality and service in roof replacements and roof repairs. For these reasons, Owens Corning invited us to be a part of a very small and elite family of Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractors across the country. This distinction assures we use the best products the industry has to offer while being backed by a name you can trust.

When installing your new roof, Seagate ensures a clean, professional and comprehensive service. When necessary, we remove the old roof, cleaning up after each day and using an appropriately-sized waste container. We also keep our eye on weather patterns and ensure your home is "weather tight" during the entire project.

In addition to installing your new roof, we also inspect flashing and chimney flashing, and replace asphalt saturated felt and metal roof edges. We also do an insulation analysis for lost heat/air.

Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services offers a wide variety of roofing solutions, including metal roofing and spray coatings that insulate and protect. Speak to one of our experienced professionals for our recommendations and roofing solutions for any structure, residential or commercial.

Seagate Roofing Platinum Warranty Promise

Click here to read more about our 50 Year - 100% Labor and Protection Roof Warranty

Call Seagate Roofing and Foundation Services today for a free estimate on residential or commercial roofing, siding and residential or commercial skylights - we have solutions, and we're available 24 hours a day!

When you receive our roofing estimate it will be completely detailed in every aspect of the project along with literature on the shingle, or roofing procedures, and any specific roof information you may require. We will provide you with a list of references in your area you may wish to contact.

We prefer someone is home if at all possible. We will do a thorough inspection of the entire roofing system including deck inspection, venting, chimney, insulation, gutters, and shingle conditions.

See Seagate's Owen Corning roof shingle options to meet your roofing style.

Seagate for Your Home

Experienced roof repair and remodeling for your home by Seagate

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Insulation Installation Solutions - Chimney Replacment or Repairs - Waterproofing Basements

When Considering a Roof Repair or Replacement of a Roof...

Facts To Consider About Insulation and Roof Ventilation

Insulation saves on resources in two ways for every homeowner. The two ways include energy and money by adding insulation. Good insulation is permanent, maintenance-free, and can return your investment by lowering fuel bills over time. The payback period can vary with type of insulation installed, overall installation costs, and the price of fuel you currently pay.

The main function of insulation is to resist the flow of heat. This expression is known as an "R" value. The higher the "R" value, the more resistance to heat flow your home has. Insulation materials have different "R" values, so Seagate installs insulation according to the "R" value a homeowner wishes to attain.

Having the right amount of insulation also prevents Ice Damming in the eaves or gutters of your home. Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. Insulation resists this flow of heat, and helps keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, at less cost. It provides a thermal blanket around your home to reduce the amount of heat that flows out of, or into, your house. When you do not have this balance of ventilation in your home heat escapes too fast in your roof and the snow melts faster down into the gutters and freezes very quickly - causing ice damming, a very dangerous home event.

You should also consider well-insulating your attic, crawl spaces, storage areas, and other closed cavities in your home for adequate ventilation to prevent excessive moisture buildup.

Learn more on our insulation page by clicking here!

Experienced roof repair and remodeling for your home by Seagate

Seagate is a member of a very elite network of remodeling specialists - the Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors - and can offer an industry premier roof warranty which includes 100% Labor and Materials - this warranty is called the Owens Corning 50 Year Platinum Warranty.

Need a new roof? Or have a leaky roof? You deserve an estimate to see how you can afford a solution for as little as $75/month!

Get more information today by emailing Seagate at or calling Seagate at (419) 244-LEAK (5325) for a free estimate for a residential or commercial roof replacement or roof repair, siding or a leaky foundation repair! We are the professional leak specialists from top to the bottom of your home and are available 24 hours a day!
Seagate for Your Home

Ice Damming Tips from Seagate Roofing and Foundations
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50 Year Platinum Warranty
Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
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Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs
Call Seagate at 419-536-0027 for all your roofing and remodeling needs